Use Abrasive Blasting For Smoothening And Cleaning Rough Surfaces

With a simple and an effective process of blasting, you can make your hard surface smooth and clean. It is a process that involves use of abrasive material under a high pressure to smoothen a surface, remove contaminants from a surface, shape a surface etc. There are various types of materials used in the process of blasting. Here are the advantages of using abrasive blasting.


The use of abrasive blasting has various advantages associated with it. Below given are the few benefits that serve as the reason behind its growing popularity – 

• The abrasive blasting is not at all harmful to the environment as the process involves the use of the compressed air with the naturally occurring substances like sand and glass or sometimes the water.

• Another reason behind its growing popularity is that the work comes to end much faster and easily. Hence, it serves as the best option for both the worker as well as you.

• It is the advanced technology and hence the quality of the work is also superior. The pressures can be adjusted easily according to the requirement.

• Although it might seem to be an expensive idea but it is the cost effective method of smoothing the rough surface, shaping the surface etc. The cost to be incurred on the laborers for days is saved and in addition the work is finished faster.

Various types of blasting-:

• Wet abrasive – as per its name, water is used in the process of blasting. The use of the water makes the process of coating and bonding much easier, simpler and efficient. The cost of the process as well as the time taken in the process is reduced.

• Bead blasting – it involves the use of fine glass beads that are shot with a high pressure on the surface in order to clean and polish the surface. Spherical glass beads are mild abrasive material and hence many delicate items can be cleaned or polished with it.

• Micro abrasive – it is among the dry blasting process that can make the design even on the egg shell. Small nozzles are used in the process in order to produce a fine stream of the abrasives on the small area.

• Dry ice blasting – in this type of blasting no abrasive material is used but instead it makes use of dry ice which is shot in extremely high speed. With this technique of blasting there remains no residue for cleaning.