Things You Can Do To Stay Safe While Using Stairs

You will never understand what people mean by stairs are more dangerous than lifts until your wring your ankle and have to stay in bed for weeks. Stairs are very common sites on buildings so people seem to believe that they are all automatically safe. However, stairs are a major cause of accidents some of which can be potentially fatal.

Those who have to make use of flights of steps each day are potentially more at risk. Sometimes even with the anti slip coating on the stairs, there is no guarantee that the stairs will be safe if not used correctly. While the design and construction of stairs can do a lot to encourage or discourage accidents, the attitudes of those who use the stairs have a greater role to play. Irrespective of how dangerous a stair is, it is possible to use it for years without coming into any harm if you will only follow some of the advice given below.

Do not leave objects on stairs

This cannot be said enough for everyday, you find people suffering from injuries that they sustained after tripping over objects on stairs. Stairs are not storehouses that objects should be left on them. Even if your child plays with their toys on the steps and forgets them there, it is your responsibility as a parent to remove the toys. Even if a neighbor does not trip over, you can be the victim.

Clean all spills immediately

You may be having serious discussions while going up the stairs and the coffee or juice in your hand spills onto the steps. It is easy to ignore this little mishap and continue on your way. However, when you realize what that small coffee or juice spill can cause in the form of an accident, you will stop right in your tracks and look for ways to dry up the spill. Imagine someone stepping on the spill and slipping down a long flight of stairs in a nasty fall.

Use hand rails

You will be climbing up or down a flight of steps and jumping from one step to another. Not a very good idea. There is a very good reason why the stairs has a hand rail. It is protect you from an accident if you happen to miss a step. It is very important to make use of hand rails any time you are going up or down the stairs. They may seem boring but they are very useful.

These are just a few things you can do to ensure that you use stairs for many years without getting into an accident. Never underestimate the danger that can come from stairs. Stairs are useful but if used wrongly can be a potential source of harm.