Mining Health & Safety: Essential Tips

To this very day, the mining industry remains to be a significant part of any economy throughout the world. In some countries, it is even the main economic driver that pushes the country’s progress forward. More than anything, mining also sustains our daily lives, especially coal and copper that helps deliver electricity to all households and offices. It is because of this that various governments have actively taken participation in developing and implementing protocols to promote and sustain health and safety in mining. Simply put, safety is paramount. Here are some effective tips to ensure safety in the mines. Check out more of these products on this website.

Maintain Durable and Effective Lighting
As mining happens deep underground, it is essential to have durable and effective lighting equipment to help guide and assist mining activities while also ensuring worker safety. Having mining LED lights are crucial in this regard. What’s more, these mining LED lights have a lot of advantages over traditional lighting. They do not require much power, they last long, they are heavy duty and they are also reportedly explosion proof. 
Never Be Without Safety Equipment
As much as every worker deep in the mines must be accounted for at all times, it is also essential to make sure that every single one of them is always wearing their personal protective equipment. These include safety glasses, hearing protection, work gloves, insulated boots as well as a complete set of protective clothing. The protective clothing set includes high visibility jackets and coveralls, clothing with reflective stripes head gear and rain gear. 
Ensure that Ventilation and Alarm Systems Are In Place and Effective
It is advisable to ensure that there are effective air quality sensors that can readily detect dangerous fumes, gases and vapors in the mine as well as irregular carbon monoxide (CO) levels. Moreover, there should be an effective gas leakage detection warning system in place to give all workers sufficient warning to evacuate the affected area immediately. In addition, these sensors and warning systems should also be subject to regular maintenance check and testing.
Keep Open and Undistorted Communications
Especially when it comes to underground mines, constantly open communications are critical to ensure that people on the surface get real time updates of all the activities and developments underground. Utilize a communication system that allows complete coverage below and above ground. In addition, provide workers with radio devices that can provide effective communication link between site and surface. Moreover, it also recommended to provide all underground workers with a Personal Emergency Device (PED) System in case of emergency.