An Overview Of Processes Of Air Conditioners

The process of air conditioners is basically changing the elements of air i.e. humidity and temperature with more comfortable temperature. Generally, an air conditioner lowers the temperature of a particular space.

Refrigeration cycle is responsible for the cooling cycle but evaporation system is also used sometimes. The technology of air conditioning service in Newcastle changes different conditions of air, like cooling, heating, cleaning, dehumidification, air movement and ventilation.

Some interesting facts about air conditioner

• It is interesting to know that the people of Egypt used to apply the concept of air conditioners in windows by using trickling water. This ancient cooling system is the most beneficial in dry deserts.
• The first electrical air conditioner was invented by an American inventor named Willis Carrier in 19th century. Invention of Carrier controlled humidity and temperature both.
• Robert Sherman designed the first window air conditioner in 1945 with all facilities of a modern air conditioner.

Types of air conditioners

Heat pump is one type of air conditioner which can reverse the refrigeration cycle i.e. heat production instead of cooling a particular place. This type of air conditioner is known as reverse cycle air conditioner. Electric resistant system is less efficient than heat pump system.

Another type of air conditioning service in Lake Macquarie  is evaporation cooling. This type of cooling system is popular in dry deserts for improvement of hot weather. Free cooling process uses a pump for circulating glycol mix or water from any cold source and this system can be combined with STES (seasonal thermal energy storage) system. This hybrid technology is more mature than other technologies.

A few words about the many aspects related with an air conditioner

The equipment of refrigerator air conditioners reduces humidity by dehumidification and cooling systems. Dehumidifier is used for those air conditioners which are based on dehumidification system only. Dehumidifier is totally different from standard air conditioners.
There are different types of installation systems of air conditioners, and some are:

• packaged terminal and window unit,
• split system,
• mini-split system,
• central conditioning
• portable unit system

The applications of air conditioners are divided into process applications and comfort applications. Process applications are suitable for biological and chemical laboratories, data centers, operating theaters of hospitals, mines, nuclear power center, textile manufacturing centers, cooking areas and industrial environment. Comfort applications are mostly used in cooling indoor environment like commercial, institutional, residential buildings and sport stadiums.

Air conditioners are used for providing safe, clean and hypoallergenic environment in operating rooms of hospitals to create safety environment for patients. Excessive uses of air conditioners also have negative effect like dehydration. Most of the refrigerants used in air conditioners cause global warming.